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Kerastase Bundles

Kerastase is a leader in the global haircare industry, professionally developed to provide the most luxurious and innovative hair products on the beauty market. Developed using the most advanced scientific research in the field; Kerastase products contain a unique blend of potent active ingredients, and molecular complexes which work to target key hair concerns and perfect the hair to restore its vitality, health and shine.

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Nutritive - For Dry Hair

Elixir Ultime

Elixir Ultime - Precious Oils for hair beauty

Aura Botanica

Aura Botanica - Natural hair formula


Chronologiste - For long hair, all hair types


Densifique - For hair density


Discipline - For unruly hair


Reflection - For colour treated hair


Resistance - For damaged hair


Specifique - For scalp irritations and concerns


Volumifique – For fine hair

Couture Styling

Couture Styling – Iconic styling collection

Oleo Relax

Oleo Relax – For dry, unruly hair

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We use more than words to communicate our feelings to the world.
The healthier your hair is, the more you touch it, flip it, twist it, run your
fingers through it. You say so much without ever speaking. In this video we
unlock the nonverbal clues behind 13 key hair gestures