Mizani Miracle Length 90ml

80% of 100

Grow hair with Stemoxydine 5% and Castor Oil
Daily hair re-densifying treatment.
Stimulates dormant follicles for increased hair density

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Mizani Miracle Length 90ml

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When to use Mizani Miracle Length Hairline and Root Stimulator?
Use the product if you have the following signs:

Moderate to heavy hair loss from extensions, braids and other styling methods that exert tension on your hair.
Your scalp is still visible, even with styling efforts.
Your hairline is noticeably receding (and you've probably been on the lookout for new hairstyles for a receding hairline).
Your hair falls out easily when brushing, and there is a considerable amount of hair collecting on pillows and towels.
Your hair doesn’t retain style or is difficult to maintain volume.
Your hair is fragile and breaks off easily.

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Directions Of Use

Apply daily to scalp concentrating on roots.

Divide hair in 8 sections focusing on hairline and the affected areas.

Position the pipette directly at the root and scalp to apply 1 full pipette of the serum per identified section. Gently massage to permeate the entire scalp.

DO NOT RINSE. Dry and style as usual


Containing 5% Stemoxydine

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