Kms California Conscious Style Cleansing Mist 100ml

    • KMS Conscious Style Cleansing Mist delivers weightless hydration for hair and scalp. Oils and styling residues are effectively absorbed and unpleasant odours are neutralised. The spray also protects the hair from environmental pollutants. It is ideal for medium to fine hair. KMS Conscious Style Cleansing Mist is free from sulphates, silicones, microplastics, mineral oils, artificial colourants and ingredients of animal origin.
    • Shake well. Divide hair into sections and spray onto the roots. Leave in for 30 seconds and then brush out to activate the cleansing effect. Blow-dry or towel-dry hair.
    • AquaAlcohol denat.Magnesium SulfateSilicaPolysorbate 20PropanediolBentoniteCitric AcidAvena sativa kernel oilLactic AcidMoringa Oleifera Seed OilSodium benzoateFragrance