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Have you cut your hair into an edgy adventurous hairstyle and now want to grow it out? Maybe you are disappointed with a haircut and want to grow it back? Perhaps your hair is damaged from color, straightening or a perm treatment? Either way, if you want to grow your hair quickly, then we have the solution! Quick Grow is a fast acting hair growth formula product range that nourishes the hair with essential advanced amino’s to condition your hair to its optimum growth rate, resulting in hair today, long tomorrow! How does it work? There is a simple relationship between amino acids, skin and hair. If amino acids are insufficiently supplied to the cells of the skin and hair follicles, the level of keratin production will drop. This could lead to reduced hair growth, discolored hair and hair strands that easily fall out. The hair is an example of the complexity and beauty of how amino acids form into proteins. Quick Grow contains a compilation of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that assist the hair in growing longer, faster and more beautiful. Use of the Quick Grow shampoos, conditioners topically as well as the supplements allow your hair to grow at an optimum rate resulting in Hair Today, Long Tomorrow! When can I expect to see results? Conventionally, your hair grows an average of 1 cm every 4 – 6 weeks. If you utilize the shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis, you could see up to 3 cm’s of growth in the same period. Furthermore, by taking the capsules and nutritional shake, we can expect to see that result in shorter period of time. But it is important to stress that regular use of the products speeds up the hair growth period, and therefore the longer period of time you use the products, the better the result. Realistically, we say give yourself 3 months to see the results you are looking for.
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