RejuvX Revitalizing Cleanser 224ml

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Revitalising cleanser, the "must have" product in the Rejuvx range. A one stop solution to fine and thinning hair. By using Revitalising Cleanser you have the perfect defense against fine and thinning hair. An all natural, aloe vera based shampoo for every hair type, with no coloring or fragrance to compromise the superb botanical formulation. Revitalising cleanser is a deep, detoxifying shampoo, which leaves the scalp invigorated and greatly increases blood flow to the hairs root, boosting hair growth from the first use. Specially formulated for weak and thinning hair Rejuvx Cleanser creates the best possible environment for healthy hair growth. HOW DOES IT WORK? Deep cleansing hair and scalp formula eliminate excess DHT laden sebum. Natural vasodilator Niacin blended with Jojoba oil stimulate blood flow and oxygen uptake by the hair follicles from deep within skin to stimulate and boost healthy growth. Dramatically increases blood flow to the hair follicle which boosts the nutritional uptake leading to increased growth and extending hair’s life cycle, MEANING THICKER HAIR FOR REAL or your money back! FEATURES AND BENEFITS Natural herbs such as Burdock and Jojoba cleanse without irritation. Saw Palmetto combats dihydro-testosterone (DHT) in the scalp, DHT is widely accepted as the number one cause of fine and thinning hair in both men and women. High concentration of aloe fills the hair shaft creating volume from the inside out. Eliminates sebaceous plugs and removes lipase. Unclogs dormant follicles giving new hair a chance to grow. Revitalising cleanser allows up to 20% more hairs to be in the growth cycle means thicker, fuller hair...guaranteed!
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