Reuzel Shabe Cream 95.8g

Softens hair to give you the closest, most comfortable shave
Reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes, bumps, ingrown hairs and razor irritation
Leaves your skin soft and smooth

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Reuzel Shave Cream is a highly concentrated, rich and super-slick formula, that helps give you a nick-free, smooth-skin shave every time.

Our men’s shaving cream offers a smooth, silk like consistency that works into a luxurious lather.

This versatile product moisturizes and soothes tender skin to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Try our hand-crafted formula designed to prevent razor bumps even on the most sensitive skin.

Massage residual Reuzel Shave Cream into the skin after shaving for added moisturizing benefits.

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Directions Of Use

Rub skin with the hottest water that you can stand for 30 seconds in shower or sink. Apply a thin layer of this moisturizing shaving cream to face without a brush. Slowly shave and regularly rinse razor blade.

Most can shave against the grain for an even closer, longer lasting shave. Leave any difficult areas for last, allowing this men’s shave cream to soften hair even more.


T-4 Tonic Blend…
Witch Hazel Extract: Soothes tender skin
Nettle Leaf Extract: Natural astringent
Rosemary Extract: Moisturizing
Horsetail Root Extract: Antioxidant
Sorbitol: Excellent humectant
Aloe Vera: Promotes moisture and soothes the skin
Quinoa: Conditioning

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