System Professional Alpha Energy 100ml

For all hair types. Suitable for fine and weak hair.

Hair and Scalp Energizer

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System Professional Alpha Energy 100ml
System Professional

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After 5 years of research System Professional proudly introduces Alpha Energy, the innovative energizer that combines a powerful, pure form of our EnergyCode Complex with a proven and effective formula.

Designed to enrich the 3 pillars of hair, scalp, fiber and texture it provides visibly fuller and more
manageable strands – from root to tip. Experience true hair and scalp transformations from the first application, as hair becomes more responsive and manageable with no compromises, residues, stickiness or build up.

Alpha Energy also works in synergy with all products of the System Professional range.

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Effects on hair
After 1 usage: Strong hair with better manageability, that’s full of bounce.
After 2 weeks: Significantly more energy and strength from within.
Hair is easier to manage and stays in shape for longer.
After 3 months /1 Bottle: The inner energy of the hair is restored.
Hair feels responsive, healthy and resilient. Hair structure damage is reduced.

Effects on scalp
After 1 usage: A gentle cooling and soothing effect. Improved
nutrient flow to the root of the hair.
After 2 weeks: The hydro-lipid barrier is strengthened, the scalp
feels more moisturized and irritations are visibly reduced.
After 3 months /1 Bottle: Scalp feels rejuvenated and healthy.


EnergyCode complex
1. Histidine: Repairs the hair fiber and reduces damaging
free radicals to prevent further keratin damage.
2. Natural Lipids: Enriches the hair with a combination
of lipids for smooth, shiny hair from root to tip
3. Caffeine: Increases the blood circulation in the scalp for an
improved flow of nutrients to the scalp and hair follicle
4. Vitamin B3 Amide: Increases the function of the natural
hydro-lipid barrier for a more moisturized scalp.

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