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    Aromas launch

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    Aromas media launch

    Aromas launch

    Getting to do the Nak Aromas Media Launch to some of South Africa’s finest Beauty Blogger and Beauty Editors has been one of the most exciting things we have done at Style Bar. It really does make our job a whole lot easier when everyone we had asked to test the range at Head office absolutely loved it and could not stop raving about it. We knew NAK had a winning recipe in the Aromas range.

    Aromas range

    Here is a little bit about nak and below is their newly released Brand Video, which we received a few weeks before the launch which further increased our excitement.

    NAK is an all Australian haircare company passionate about creating innovative and versatile haircare products for the professional hairdressing industry, salons, stylists and consumers. Inspired by their unique location and Australian lifestyle, influenced by their sun-drenched environment, surrounding oceans and majestic landscapes which is allot like Cape Town and that’s why we are bringing you 3 of the amazing NAK ranges in 2016. Their Natural Australian Kulture is reflected throughout their entire product collection of beautiful cleansing, care, treatment, styling and finishing products and we have brought you our favourites.

    Now a little bit about the Aromas range:

    SULPHATE FREE -Their advanced formulations feature the latest in surfactant technology: ISELUX®. Delivering gentle cleansing which is kinder to the skin and less likely to induce skin irritations. NO PARABENS -Consumers have become more cautious and concerned with the safety of Parabens. Their advanced high-quality formulations feature the latest Paraben free technology. ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS with vegan-friendly formulations EXQUISITE BLENDS OF ESSENTIAL OILS like lavender, patchouli and geranium AROMAS LUXE BOTANICALS bestows harmony and wellbeing to all hair types. Where nature and science combine perfectly to naturally protect hair and skin. With 4 different ranges everyone will be able to find their perfect hair care solution. Enriched with ancient Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Milk proteins and exquisite essential oils.

    The benefits of argan oil- This ancient and exotic oil is derived from Moroccan Argan trees, and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Argan Oil is highly valued for its nutritive, anti-aging protective function when applied to the hair and skin. Provides an immediate shine and lasting softness for chemically treated, dry or frizzy hair. Absorbs into the hair and skin without residue, reducing styling time and shielding hair from harsh styling factors.

    Aromas in-store launch event

    A little about the event:

    Wanting to keep it smaller and more personal we decided to have the events at our Style Bar hair salons in Tygervalley and Constantia and invite the Media for Champagne and a little pampering. After welcoming them we had a small presentation to take them through all the key points of each product and some of the reasons why we love the range so much. We touched a little on the extended Nak range but the focus was definitely on the Aromas, with the room filled with lavender Cocktails and fruity flavoured Macaroons we could not help but focus on the lovely Aromas range.

    Aromas and Nak range

    Each media was then assigned a staff member to treat them to a wash, massage and Blowdry to experience the range, ensuring they had the correct match for their hair care needs and then we were done after a few pictures of course.

    Aromas store launch event
    Aroma media tags

    4 wonderful events with such lovely Ladies and a stunning range, we loved every moment and we hope you will love as much as we do. We want to thank all the Media for attending, to Top Nosh Catering for the delicious food and Mauri Moncada Photography for some really incredible pictures that captured our special moments.

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    Keep an eye on the nak Instagram account (@nakhairsa) and Facebook page (NAK Hair South Africa) for further updates and check out the range for yourself here on Retailbox:

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