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    Chroma | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Love experimenting with color but don’t love damage? Chroma Absolu is the range you need to nourish your hair whatever look you choose.

    Therapiste | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Rebuilds the internal fibres of hair that's been weakened by chemical or mechanical aggressions. It restores strength and solidity

    Specifique | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Created to address scalp-related issues such as scalp sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, hair loss and oily roots

    Nutritive | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    The hair care collection for dry to severely dry hair replenishes and restores hair’s surface.

    Elixir Ultime | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za

    elixir ultime

    The must-have range to beautify hair that puts the power of precious oils at the heart of its formula.

    Curl Manifesto | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    The new Kérastase Curl Manifesto range will hydrate, define and strengthen curly, very curly and coily hair. 

    Chronologiste | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    For hair that appears shinier, bouncier and softer, discover Chronologiste.

    Densifique | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Hair loss & loss of density are specific hair concerns that Kérastase has treated with a dedicated ritual

    Discipline | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Kérastase's first haircare range for frizzy and unruly curly hair. Experience frizz-free, smooth feeling hair and defined looking curls.

    Oleo Discipline | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za

    oleo discipline

    New Kérastase Oleo Discipline for course, curly and unruly hair types.

    Night Repair | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Symbiose is a powerful alliance of anti-danruff efficacy and luxurious care. It insantly eliminates dandruff by regulating cellular renewal speed and deeply hydrates to replenish fiber. Symbiose provides 7 weeks of anti-dandruff efficacy.

    Genesis | Kérastase | retailbox.co.za


    Genesis is the first range to treat both kinds of hair-fall - at the root and from fiber breakage.


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    Kérastase Elixir Ultime 100ml
    R 950.00
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    Kérastase Lait Vital 200ml
    R 650.00
    Sale Off
    Kérastase Discipline Bundle
    R 1,180.00
    Sale Off
    Kérastase Bain Satin 250ml
    R 530.00
    Sale Off
    Kérastase Lait Vital 75ml
    R 300.00