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    Wesson Therapeutics

    The Resurfacing Balm and the Intensive Scar Repair were originally developed in 1995 and distributed exclusively to plastic surgeons and oncologists. Since then, the Resurfacing Balm has been recommended by plastic surgeons as the ideal after-care product following plastic surgery, laser and peel treatments to speed up the epithelization process of the epidermis.

    The formulation was also found to be extremely effective in the treatment of post-radiation skin sensitivity and cancer radiation burn wounds. Many oncologists started to prescribe this balm to patients undergoing cancer treatment to soothe associated skin sensitivity. A randomised double-blind study conducted on 100 oncology patients confirmed the outstanding results of this formulation.

    The high-quality formulations from the Wesson Therapeutic range have recently been made available to laser- and skin care clinics as well as the general public. The range has also been expanded to include complementary skin care products to support the care of sensitive and compromised skin. These formulations contain high concentrations of soothing botanicals.