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    About us

    Offering curated professional hair and beauty brands, at Retail Box we focus on supplying the best the industry has to offer. Granting you exclusive access to the brands and products you love, our hand picked collections aren’t readily available elsewhere.

    As part of the Style Bar Hair Salon group, our expert knowledge of the hair and beauty industry is key and enables us to ensure we bring you only the best. From the latest that the industry has to offer, to professional products that you’ve loved for years, we provide a wide variety of professional brands and products. Founded in 2013 and based in South Africa, we are your ultimate one stop destination for all things professional hair and beauty.

    Passionate about everything we do, from curating our product collection and providing an enjoyable and easy to order service, to providing you with inspiration and ideas via our lively social media channels and helping you with our dedicated customer service, at Retail Box we strive for excellence at all levels.

    Never run out of your favorite product again, restocking is only a click away. With prompt delivery, beautifully packed products with scented packaging and personalized hand written cards created just for you, we are confident that you will love the Retail Box experience. With competitive prices and the opportunity to take advantage of our exclusive promotions and product bundles, now you can get your hands on all the products you love at a great price.

    Our aim is to equip you with all the hair and beauty products and knowledge that you need to look and feel your best. We bring you expert advice and insider know-how via our blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We strive to arm you with everything you need to know about hair and beauty, from tips and advice, inspiration and product hints and tips.

    As one of the premier and leading salon groups in the Western Cape, we have built a strong reputation for our professional hair care and beauty lines, along with being well known for our dedicated approach to the customer experience.

    We provide a wide selection of professional brands and expert advice at your fingertips. To benefit from our insider tips and advice, as well as regular promotions, follow us on social now: