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    Festive Season Hair

    • 2 min read

    We all know our calendars are chock a block at this time of year, filled with parties, events and family celebrations. We have a few hair styles you could try if you are feeling inspired. Youtube is an excellent source for easy DIY hair tutorials that are for the most part easy to follow. It is amazing what a few hair pins and some good hair spray can achieve.

    Here are our top picks for the Festive Season:



    Dutch Braids

    Difficulty level: 9

    Dutch braids

    This you may need some assistance from a very talented friend. The results are totally worth it though. 

    Product recommendation: Moroccanoil Styling Gel Strong



    Braided bun

    Difficulty level: 7

    Braided Bun

    This will take some practice but in essence it is a Braided bun. Practice your Braids on a friends hair until you perfect them, trick here is to learn how to pull out the braid so it looks like you have a head full of hair and a lovely thick Braid.

    Product recommendation:  Osis Grip 200ml



    Twisted Bun

    Difficulty level: 6

    Twisted Bun

    Trick here is to section your hair correctly. Separate hair from ear to ear over the crown of your head. Keep the front bits away. Tie the back section into a pony, but only pull through on the last loop. then twist the to front sections back towards the bun and pin.

    Product recommendation: ghd Tail Comb


    Twisted Half Up

    Difficulty level 5

    Twisted half up

    After doing loose curls on the mid lengths to ends of your hair. Take two thick sections on each side of your face. Twist them towards the back of the head and pin in place. Tease at the crown if you are wanting more volume here.

    Product recommendation: ghd IV Styler



    Low pony

    Difficulty level: 3

    Low pony

    Tease your roots at the crown of your head and form a loose low ponytail. Pull up a few sections on the crown of your head to create that texture and lift. Then take a small section from your pony tail and wrap around the band and pin in place. 

    Product recommendation: Invisibobble True Black



    Half up

    Difficulty level 1

    Half up

    This is easy once you have mastered waving your hair. Simpy grab a detailed clip and the top half of your hair. Pin in place and pull on a few strands to add texture.

    Product recommendation: Kms California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray