Get your body summer ready with Mio -


    Get your body summer ready with Mio

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    It’s difficult to think about beach days before the holidays have started, but it’s never too early to start preparing. Soon you’ll want to show off some skin in pretty summer dresses - and soft, smooth, toned skin is what you’ll want!


    Mio Skincare is the perfect solution to get your body summer-ready.


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    Their Aqua Actives are a good place to start, using the Double Buff. This granular and enzyme exfoliator is effective, hydrating and leaves your skin super smooth. 



    For those of us in the Western Cape battling with the drought, the Dry Body Brush is the conscious option for daily use to improve your circulation and exfoliation of your skin. 


    Mio’s Firming Favourites are jam-packed full of active ingredients to increase detoxification, work directly on those lazy fat cells and firm to obtain fit, healthy skin! 


    Use Skin Tight to firm, even out skin tone and texture and even reduce those unsightly ingrown hairs and acid bumps. 


    Follow with the incredible Shrink to Fit to treat the appearance of cellulite or the Get Waistedto contour the muffin-tops and tummies.


    Mio is a clean skincare range with a strict No Nasties policy, and is definitely our firm favourite for this summer!