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    5 Defining Makeup Trends of Summer

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    Here in SA Summer is in full swing. Which means that a whole host of new makeup trends have strutted straight off the catwalk and are on standby to be tried, tested & flaunted.

    This Summers defining makeup trends are centered around organic tones and artistic concepts.

    Brace yourself for a seriously raw and fresh faced appearance...!


    #1 Natural Chic

    Caked, Baked, Faked… it’s all OUT for thick photoshop finish foundation this Summer! 

    It’s more of a Make-DOWN than Make-UP but healthy and hydrated are what it’s all about so prepare yourself to go barefaced. 

    You’ll want to start with a Nutrient Rich Moisturiser before applying a thin layer of light foundation or an Illuminating BB Cream.

    The key is in achieving a healthy glow so follow a regime that suits your own skin type whilst keeping in mind the core elements to a fresh face.


    #2 Contour Free

    In keeping with the aforementioned theme… we have also seen a noticeable regression in the use of contouring.

    Natural Skin Tones complimented by subtle bronzing or touches of pink.

    This is a minimal effort look, and so can be easily achieved when approached with the right products and tones for your complexion.

    Whether you’re blushing or bronzing, consider light and natural hues to keep things as organic looking as possible.


    #3 Cat Eyes

    Statement Eyeliner is one of those recurring trends that always keeps things creatively interesting.

    This Summer Season the allure is in thick and heavy eyeliner, with imperfection being favored over flawless... so feel free to get artistic and go freehand.

    The Bolder the Better!


    #4 Bright Red Lips

    Another everlasting classic, red lips will always work their way into fashion whatever the season. 

    And on this occasion Blood Reds are the colour of preference.

    The fundamentals of this look lie in avoiding a lipstick bleed situation. Which usually occurs due to dry lips, so to start with you’ll need a good Lip Balm, followed by a transparent lipliner and a specifically long lasting lipstick product.

    Make sure to blot before glossing and you’re ready to go. Lip Luscious!


    #5 Seventies Sparkle

    The Marmite of our Summer Trends. You will either love this look or hate it. But either way, it’s here and it is officially fashionable.

    Cool Greens and Blues are the colour favourites.

    Our advice is to lean towards a Gel based glitter shadow to avoid mess but in any case we also suggest that you take this trend as an opportunity to try something a bit eccentric. 

    EVEN if you’re more of a hater than a lover. Now is the time to get sassy with glitter!


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