Vitaderm Oily/Acne Prone Skin Introductory Pack

    This Introductory Pack includes:
    Purifying Cleanser 50ml
    This Purifying Cleanser is extremely mild and highly effective. For best results, apply the lather to the face and use light circular movements for approximately a minute. Rinse off and apply toner.

    Antiseptic Toner 50ml
    Packed with anti-bacterial plant extracts to help reduce inflammation, this toner will help restore your skin’s protective mantle, increasing the resistance against skin infection. Apply the Antiseptic Tone after removing the Purifying Cleanser.

    Pore Minimising Gel 20ml
    This oil-free gel is ideal for use on oily, problematic skin types. It contains sandalwood bark and mastic bark extracts which help balance sebaceous activity and refine pores.

    Purifying Treatment Cream 20ml
    The active salicylic acid ingredient found in the Vitaderm Purifying Cream is highly effective in preventing a build-up of skin cells and breakouts, purifying both the surface of the skin and the pores. For night-time use only.

    Skin Renewal Gel 20ml
    This gel is ideal for use on breakouts to help speed up the healing process. Alternatively, it can be used as a masque. Apply in a thin layer of the Skin Renewal Gel and leave to act for 20 minutes or leave on overnight.