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    2018 Hair Trends to Look Out For

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    The Forecast for 2018 hair trends have touched down… and it’s good news for those with time restrictions.

    The forthcoming years top styles will center around minimal effort.

    Thats right, we said Minimal!!!

    So whether you’re rushing out the door to a meeting or stuffing the kids into the car for school, you can now do so whilst also looking your best. And with a few extra minutes to spare.

    #1 Center Partings

    Get your comb out and say your farewells… it’s time to part ways with that deep side hair split.

    2018 is all about the center parting!

    Our preferred approach to this is the air dried method, teamed with a Leave in Conditioner or Anti-Frizz product.

    A perfect everyday hairstyle.

    For nights out, go sleek and Straight.

    #2 Low & Loose

    Almost exclusively daytime casual, this seemingly plain style has seen a resurgence since Septembers New York Fashion Week, courtesy of Monsur Gavriel.

    If the scrunchy bound low pony is a step too far… we recommend using an Invisibobble as an alternative


    #3 Slicked Back

    This sleek, smokey look is a great one for nights out.

    Combined with heavy eye-makeup and neutral lips (or vice versa!).

    To achieve this look you’ll need a good Hairdryer and a Strong Hold Hairspray.

    Backcomb from the roots at the crown and blowdry the sides so they’re smooth. Pin the sides back whilst you blowdry and create volume at the crown. Use a comb to smooth down the backcombed hair. Use a strong hold hairspray to finish.

    #4 TopKnots

    A look popularized by the nonchalant student.

    This is one that can be worn both smart AND casual.

    Tie it loose and messy for the carefree appearance.

    Pull it tight and smooth for a night on the town… Or, go for a fusion of both with a half top knot.

    #5 Boyish Cuts

    Think Demi Moore in Ghost!

    This is a bold move for most but don’t be fooled by the name… the boyish cut can radiate femininity.

    For this you’ll need 3 things… courage, a willing hairstylist and Good Quality Hair Products.


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