Vitaderm Mature/Very Dry Skin Introductory Pack

    This skincare selection is suitable for Mature and Very Dry skin types. In this Introductory Pack, you will find:

    Nourishing Cream Cleanser 50ml
    The perfect choice for dry skin, the ultra-conditioning ingredients found in this cleanser provides an emollient effect during cleansing.

    Conditioning Toner 50ml
    This refreshing toner will help rehydrate your skin. The Vitaderm Conditioning Toner can form part of your morning and evening routine after cleansing. It is ideal as a refreshing spritz during the day.

    Ceramide Treatment Cream 20ml
    Rich in Ceramide II, an ingredient made up of minuscule lipid molecules, which supplements the skin’s own ceramide content, this Treatment Cream helps lock in moisture found in the deeper layers of your skin. This provides all-day relief from dry skin.

    Multi-Vitamin Treatment Cream 20ml
    This Multi-Vitamin Treatment Cream contains vitamins A, C, and E which give your skin all the nutrients it needs while conditioning it and preventing aging.

    Nutrient Complex 10ml
    This complex contains high levels of nutriceuticals including Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C, and Phytoextracts of ginger and cedar-wood, which increase cell turn-around time and ensuring a more radiant complexion.