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    Bio-Kinetic Silver Shimmer Cleanse & SilverTouch Conditioner 250ml

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    Bio-Kinetic Silver Shimmer Cleanse has been developed as a colour neutralising product. This product has a two-fold action which includes cleansing and colour neutralising. The nett effect of this product is to counter act the yellow undertones in blond and silver grey hair. Yellowing occurs as a result of natural oxidation and creeping oxidation on chemically processed blonds. Using this product will result in a more natural blond.

    Bio-Kinetic SilverTouch Conditioner has been specially formulated as a moisture enriching conditioner with great ability to enhance blond and platinum undertones in the hair. The anti-oxidising and pH correcting formula will reduce the porosity of the hair, leaving the hair feeling softer and more manageable, while suppressing unwanted yellow undertones in the hair. This product should be preceded by advised Bio-Kinetic cleanser.