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    Co-developed with four international cur & coil experts 

    What is available in the L’Oreal Professional Curl Expression range?

    Anti-build up Cleansing Jelly

    A Shampoo designed to cleanse curls and coils, the pro way, it gently eliminates daily accumulated impurities and buildup while providing moisture with no itchy feeling or stripping hair. Sulfate, silicone and paraben free.

    L'Oreal Professionnel Curl Expression Cleansing Jelly


    This sulfate-and-silicone-free generous and ultra-creamy formula penetratres easily into hair mass to reach the scalp and quickly transforms into a rich and enveloping foam when in contact with water.

    L'Oreal Professionnel Curl Expression Cleansing Jelly

    Intensive Moisturizer Mask

    The moisture-sealing balmy formula quickly absorbs into curls and seals in moisture. Provides shine and deep hydration for free-flowing, natural-looking curls.

    Intensive Moisturizer Rich Mask

    Intensely hydrates curls and coils while providing shine and frizz-control, for a tamed and luxurious feel. ​

    10-in-1 cream in-mousse

    The cream-in-mousse 10 benefit treatment maintains moisture, defines curls, and strengthens fibers. 

    1 action for 10 benefits including 11 times more definition and 2 times more hydration. No crunching or stiffening effect. No residues.   

    Reviving Spray

    This reviving spray is applied to curls every morning after pillow friction. It provides long-lasting, weightless hydration, moisturizing curls and coils, and giving a memorable floral fragrance.

    Long Lasting Intensive Moisturizer

    A leave in moisturizer with heat protection that intensely moisturizes curls and coils, for a silky-smooth result that lasts with 2 times more hydration. ​

    Cream in Jelly Definition Activator

    This unique cream-in-jelly formula combines the deep care of a cream with the extra hold of a jelly for perfectly defined curls with no crunch. 

    Drying Accelerator

    Helps speed up the drying process while delivering care and shine for a frizz-free result. Added bonus of heat protection. 

    Density Stimulator

    A concentrated serum treatment with precision spray applicator. Stimulates roots and multiplies the number of hairs for denser looking hair.