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    My Beauty Luv Hydrolysed Gelatin Collagen Booster

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    For an extra collagen-boosting health kick your body, skin, hair, joints and mood will thank you for! Fight wrinkles, ageing, pain, inflammation, restless sleep, anxiety, poor body composition and an overall unhappy body.

    This is a total body collagen-boosting product.

    Supplementing with Gelatin has been shown to assist with (but not limited to):

    • Excellent joint, cartilage and ligament support and mobility
    • Decreases joint pain and inflammation & relieves arthritis pain
    • Accelerates the healing of wounds
    • Digestive & gut health
    • Assists with weight management & metabolic regulation
    • Overall anti-ageing
    • Firmer, healthier skin, hair & nails
    • Improves skin tone, tightness and elasticity
    • Overall tissue repair and renew
    • Assists with allergy relief as it helps to heal ‘leaky gut’ syndrome
    • Improves sleep quality and assists with anxiety

    Each capsule contains 500mg of active Hydrolysed Gelatin. Take 5 to 10 capsules per day for maximum results. Use in conjunction with your My Beauty Luv Premium Collagen for that extra superhero beauty & health-boosting power. Your wrinkles and sore knees don’t stand a chance!