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    Novexpert Pro-Collagen Booster Serum 30ml

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    Novexpert revolutionizes anti-aging by stimulating dermal AND epidermal collagen. The precious Collagen 17 is also stimulated by 130%* thanks to Novaxyline, a patented active ingredient created by the Novexpert Doctors. Visible results: 38% fewer wrinkles on average in 28 days**.

    • 100% natural – Vegan & Organic
    • A strong concentration of active ingredients
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women
    • Made in France
    • Formulated by Doctors

    How to Apply
    Measure out one or two dots and spread the Pro-Collagen Booster over the entire face and neck. This Booster can be applied alone or before your cream. You can apply make-up directly after the application of the Booster.
    Frequency of use: morning and/or evening.

    What else?
    It will perfectly complement the Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour for a local action and The Expert Anti-Aging Cream or Fluid depending on your skin type.