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    Novexpert Vitamin C Booster 30ml

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    Ultra-concentrated vitamin cocktail!

    How to enjoy all the benefits of vitamin C (anti-aging, anti-spot, radiance of the complexion…) every day and in all seasons? These needs require an expert care product: ultra-concentrated at 25%, stable and compatible with all skin types.

    • 100% natural – Vegan & Organic
    • A strong concentration of active ingredients
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women
    • Made in France
    • Formulated by Doctors

    How to Apply
    Use one or two doses, each about the size of a hazelnut and then spread the Booster with Vitamin C over the entire face and targeted areas (pigmentation spots and wrinkles). This Booster can be applied alone or before your cream. You can apply make-up directly after the Booster is applied. Frequency of use: morning and/or evening.

    What else?
    The sun destroys vitamin C in the skin, which is the cause of premature ageing. Unique and practical, the Booster is compatible with sun exposure (but does not protect against UV rays – no sunscreen). It can therefore be applied under your sun cream and/or as an after-sun care product.