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    Olaplex No.5 P Blonde Enhancer Toning Conditioner 250ml

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    A nourishing and reparative toning conditioner that reduces brassiness, deeply nourishes and strengthens blonde, lightned and grey hair. Create strong, healthy looking blondes with No.5P Blonde Enhancer™ Purple Conditioner from OLAPLEX.

    • Micro-fine pigments evenly tones and neutralises yellow and brassy tones
    • Shea Butter nourishes, replenishes moisture, and effortlessly detangles without adding weight
    • Formulated with OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™ for strong, healthy looking blondes and greys
    • Hair is left shinier and more manageable with each use
    • Nut, Paraben, Phosphate, Gluten and Sulphate Free
    • Vegan and Cruelty Free

    Evenly, tone, brighten and nourish blonde, lightened and grey hair while leaving it stronger and softer with every use. OLAPLEX No.5P Blonde Enhancer™ Purple Conditioner seals in brightness by depositing micro-fine pigments that can reach porous areas of the hair that shampoo doesn't lock onto, resulting in healthier looking, bright, beautifully toned blondes and greys.

    Containing nourishing shea butter, rich in fatty acids and vitamins, No.5P replenishes lost moisture and improves manageability while leaving hair soft and shiny. Using OLAPLEX's patented Original Bond Builder system, Disulphide bonds that are broken through chemical procedures such as colouring, thermal interference like heat and UV damage, and mechanical processes like brushing and combing are repaired and reinforced for stronger, healthier hair with every wash.