DS Laboratories Spectral Lash Stimulating Treatment 2.4ml

    Spectral.Lash is topical care designed to treat deficiencies in length, quality, and density of eyelashes. A clinically-tested dermatological treatment that utilizes the most innovative advances in biotechnology for eyelash growth; this is a revolutionary formula that delivers thick, beautiful lashes.

    It contains a large amount of active ingredients such as Adenosine, which thickens and stimulates hair growth (it prolongs the anagenous phase and decreases the telogenous phase). It works by increasing the production of a protein called FGF-7, which is found in the papilla of the dermis (the part of the hair follicle that nourishes the hair as it grows).

    Spectral Lash® contains a Vitamin Complex to protect and stimulate the emergence of new eyelashes and a Peptide Complex called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 that stimulates the expression of keratin genes to foster their growth.