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    A first in South Africa and global first formulation – My Beauty Luv introduces another wholly unique product within its Advanced Anti-Ageing Series: Brainy Beauty®.

    A highly advanced nootropic stack to rejuvenate and uplift your mind, transform your mood, focus & memory, whilst increasing your overall concentration and cognitive function.

    Crafted from exceptionally high-performing ingredients – researched and well-documented for their enhancing abilities in the fields of neurological, psychological, cellular-energy and mental health sciences. This formula ensures a distinct boost in brain function & activity, mental clarity & performance, neural longevity and overall wellbeing.

    My Beauty Luv Brainy Beauty® is:

    • 100% pure - absolutely no fillers or bulking agents
    • EcoCert (EU standard) certified organic Lions Mane mushroom
    • Halal certified
    • Kosher certified
    • Vegan friendly
    • Expert tip - take early in the morning (after breakfast or a small snack) and then go spend a couple minutes in the morning sunshine. The sun's morning red light rays help activate Methylene Blue in the cell's mitochondria - this one activity each day can help make this supplement over 30% more effective! 
    • Can be cycled – 5 days on & 2 days off, or every alternate day.