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    Mycro Keratin Madame Trio

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    Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Shampoo 250ml
    Salt and paraben free and was designed to focus on the rehabilitation of the natural hair, as well as nurse split ends.
    It adds moisture as well as strengthens the hair, leaving it feeling light.
    Some of the components used within this shampoo are; vitamins A and E, Argan oil, keratin and anti-oxidants. This is recommended to be used after the keratin treatment and for anybody that wants to smooth and repair their hair. Contains 10% of the active smoothing ingredients of the keratin treatment

    Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Conditioner 250ml
    This product is also salt and paraben free and should be used in conjunction with the Keratin Shampoo after the treatment has been administered.
    It leaves the hair feeling soft and works to repair any external damages your hair may have incurred from styling.
    While containing similar natural compounds, collagen and vitamins as the shampoo.
    Contains 10% of the active smoothing ingredients of the keratin treatment inside.

    Mycro Keratin Capsule Masque 250ML
    Ideal for all hair types in need of targeted repair and smoothness. Infused with unique capsules containing Keratin & vitamins. Capsules will burst into hair and replenish with proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and moisture. Intense repair and hydrating properties. Deeply penetrates the hair fibre for long-lasting Colour results. Helps eliminate frizz, leaving you with smoother & silkier hair.