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    Parlux 3000 - Black

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    Quality and durability is the main feature of Parlux products. Especially for hair dryers, quality is an important feature starting from the design stage and is applied to every single component to provide:

    • Durability – every motor used by Parlux guarantees at least of 2000 hours of trouble-free operation
    • Efficiency – the maximum of air power expressed in cubic meters/hour, with variable output and calibrated temperature balance
    • Silence – disturbance-free and noiseless motor
    • Weight: 590g
    • Includes 2 concentrator nozzles
    • Instant cold shot button
    • 2.8 meters of strong cable
    • 2 speeds and 4 temperatures
    • Rubber coated
    • Powerful 1810W motor that produces 69 cubic meters of airflow per hour
    • Balance – no vibration
    • Light – minimum user-fatigue
    • Reliability – respecting the strictest national and international standards, compliant with the strictest health and safety standards after rigorous testing, which Parlux possesses for the peace of mind of the user
    • Strong Materials – including the outer casing to prevent breakages from falls or accidental impact
    • Consistency – the high quality level of each tool so users don’t notice any difference when using our various products