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    Veaudry MyDetangler Black

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    Veaudry MyDetangler Black:

    How often do you take a brush to your hair and, no matter how sophisticated or expensive, it simply rips through your locks and tears away at the knots? This is the worst thing for your delicate strands and follicles, and it’s bound to result in limper, less radiant hair.

    Thankfully, the myDetangler is here to save you from the misery of snapped and mangled locks. What’s unique about this little tool is that it’s been designed to work with your hair, thanks to its unique cone-shaped plastic bristles. It looks great too, and it’s super comfortable to hold in your hand.
    Why we love the myDetangler: No more tears when we brush our hair! This nifty little brush glides through our locks beautifully, leaving our hair shinier, glossier and perfectly photo-ready.