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    Wella Professionals EIMI Flexible Finish 250ml

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    Elevate your styling game with the Wella Professionals EIMI Flexible Finish 250ml—a versatile non-aerosol working spray designed to bring your creative visions to life. With a hold level of 2, this spray offers flexibility and control for effortlessly stylish looks.

    Key Features:

    1. Non Aerosol Working Spray:Embrace the ease of application with this non-aerosol spray, allowing you to work and set creative styles effortlessly.

    2. Hold Level 2:Achieve the perfect balance of hold and flexibility, ensuring your styles stay in place while retaining a natural look.

    3. Wet to Dry Finish:Experience a seamless transition from wet to dry finish, providing a dynamic range of styling possibilities.

    How to Use:

    To finish your style, simply spray the Wella Professionals EIMI Flexible Finish at a distance in targeted bursts onto dry hair. For those seeking more creative fixation, take advantage of the spray's unique formula by manipulating and moving the hair before it dries and sets, allowing for personalized and artistic styling.

    This styling aid is not just a hair spray; it's a Wella hair spray, a premium product in the realm of hair styling. Ideal for those in search of the perfect styling aid, this product offers unparalleled flexibility and control.

    In conclusion, the Wella Professionals EIMI Flexible Finish 250ml is more than just a styling aid; it's your partner in creating distinctive and personalized hairstyles. Elevate your styling experience with this exceptional non-aerosol working spray, designed to meet the demands of creative and dynamic styling.