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    3 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Skincare Products

    • 2 min read

    Is price such a big deal with it comes toskincare products? We get it… many serums and treatments can be pricy. However, there’s a reason that good products cost a lot - they are made with pure ingredients, dermatologist-approved and made to deliver results. Your skin is an investment. Taking shortcuts and not giving your skin the care it needs will come back to haunt you when you start to see the effects that cheap products have. Keep reading to understand why quality skincare products are worth every cent.

    The Problem with Cheap Skincare Products

    Some of the biggest issues with cheap, poor-quality skincare products include:

    1/ Higher chance of skin reactions

    Skin reactions can happen at any time, even with the best products. There are multiple reasons, from skin sensitivity to ingredient reactions or even choosing the wrong products for your skin type. Most cheap products are higher innasty ingredients and chemicals that dry out the skin, such as preservatives and alcohol. This means more chance of reactions. 

    2/ No guarantee of product results

    Most cheap products focus on skin type rather than concern. While some products, such as anti-ageing products, target specific concerns, most tend to be one-size-fits-all. This usually means less chance of results. Some products may not be approved by skincare experts. Others may contain ingredients that do very little for your skin. Advertising can make even the cheapest product seem like it will work miracles. Genuinely helpful products don’t need to convince customers - the results speak for themselves.

    3/ Wasted money in the long run

    Finally, spending less money on products that are not going to work will cost you in the long run. If the products contain harmful ingredients, you may end up with breakouts and other issues. You may even trigger allergies that could have long-term effects. If the product doesn’t work, it will end up left in the back of your bathroom cupboard or in the bin. You may then buy another cheap product. Soon, your cupboard will be full of products you don’t use. Rather than wasting money on poor-quality products, it makes far more sense to invest in products that you know will work. 

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