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    3 Steps to Beautiful Colour Treated Hair

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    Keeping your coloured treated hair in optimal condition is essential. Whether you have recently coloured your hair, you are planning to do an at-home colour or your once-vibrant locks are starting to lose a bit of colour, finding the right products is essential. Regular products will often strip the hair not only of colour but also of moisture, leaving your hair faded, dull and damaged. With the help of a few tried-and-trusted Kérastase Chromatique products for colour treated hair, your hair will continue to shine without losing its colour. Keep reading to get our tips on how to nourish your coloured hair with just a few products.

    Looking After Colour Treated Hair

    Make sure that your hair keeps its rich colour without breakage or damage with these tips for colour treated hair.

    1. Cleanse gently

    A good shampoo makes all the difference - for coloured hair and every other hair type. Bain Chromatique helps to gently cleanse the hair without stripping moisture or reducing the colour pigment in your hair. In addition to maintaining colour, this shampoo also improves the hair’s condition, leaving it smoother and softer. It works for all hair colours as well as highlighted hair.

    2. Condition deeply

    After a good shampooing, it’s time to condition your hair. Fondant Chromatique is a great choice, working well to protect your hair from the inside out. It can be used for highlighted and colour hair. This conditioner smoothes the hair and reduces damage caused by chemicals. 

    3. Use a serum

    Using a serum on dry or towel-dried hair is a great way to add a final touch to your hair after washing and conditioning. Fluide Chromatique is a serum that treated coloured and highlighted hair, smoothing flyaways, taming frizz, nurturing the hair, and smoothing the hair for added shine. 

    For best results, these products should be used together to give your hair the best results. You can stock up on all Kérastase shampoo and conditioner during lockdown, including the Chromatique range. Additional treatments such as serums can be ordered now to be shipped after lockdown. Order your shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair to get started now.