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    Nurturing Haircare Tips for Winter

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    Nurturing Haircare Tips for Winter

    Nourish your locks this winter with haircare tips that help your hair stay soft, strong and smooth. During winter, it is all too common to battle with frizz. Although you want moisture on your hair, rain and mist are not the best way to hydrate your hair. Wind and cold temperatures can dry your hair. Having your hair constantly get wet, only for it to dry out on its own when you’re nowhere near a dryer is never good for your hair. Wearing hats puts your hair under even more stress. With that in mind, we’ve put together some haircare tips to keep your hair happy this winter.

    Haircare Tips for Winter

    Some of our tip haircare tips for winter include the following:

    Use products that lock in moisture.

    Ideally, you want your hair to be able to stay hydrated, even on the windiest day. You want to reduce (or eliminate) frizz, smooth the hair follicles and keep it protected against environmental stress. Look for serums that lock in moisture. Use shampoos and conditioners that are high in nurturing ingredients that actively hydrate the hair. 

    Use masks frequently. 

    Regular hair masks are great all year around. During the winter months, they are more important than ever. If you live in an area with high winter rainfall, you will need a mask that tames down the frizz caused by rain and mist. If you like in an area with dry, cold winters, you’ll need a mask that deeply moisturises. Browse our collection of masks andleave-in treatments to find one best suited to your hair type.

    Use heat styling tools sparingly. 

    You don’t have to skip thestyling tools altogether. If your hair is already feeling the effects of cold, dry or wet weather, you may want to use heat a bit less often, however. Heating hair that is already dry or frizzy can make the problem worse. Over-heating can dry out hair, too - especially if you are not using quality tools. If you do use tools, make sure that you choose the best tools and always use thermal protection serums or sprays. 

    By looking after your hair and giving it a little extra pampering, you will keep your mane in top condition throughout the winter. We hope that these haircare tips make it easier to nourish your hair using our premiumhaircare products.