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    Should You Use Sulphate Free Shampoo?

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    Sulphate free shampoo

    Sulphate free shampoo has become something of a big deal in the hair care world in recent years. Sulphates are the chemicals in shampoo that result in all that lather and foam.

    Although these chemicals can be useful in cleansing the hair on a deeper level, they do not always work for all types. This is because sulphates can strip the hair of natural oils.

    For those with oily, fine or normal hair types, sulphates help to avoid a build-up of oils. For those with curly or natural hair, sensitive scalps or colour treated hair, they can result in problems, however.

    Keep reading to find out when to consider sulphate free shampoo.

    When to Consider Sulphate Free Shampoo?

    Wondering whether sulphate free shampoo is the right choice? Here’s when to use this type of shampoo.

    You have curly or natural hair.

    Over time, sulphates loosen the natural curl of those with natural or curlier hair times. This can result in frizz. This hair type is prone to dryness, too. If you have hair that has a natural curl, tends to frizz and is dry, it’s best to look for shampoos that do not contain any sulphates as these will prevent hair from drying out even further.

    You have a sensitive scalp.

    Sulphates can irritate the hair, making them less than ideal for those with sensitive scalps or scalp conditions. As they dry out the hair, they also dry out the scalp, which can worsen dandruff and other issues. Instead of taking that chance, look for gentle shampoos that are free of sulphates and other harsh chemicals.

    You have colour treated hair.

    Many shampoos will cause colour treated hair to lose its colour. For this reason, most people with coloured hair will use specialised products that avoid colour loss. Coloured hair is often prone to dryness and brittleness, too - especially if you colour your hair often. Gentle shampoos that do not contain any sulphates are ideal for colour treated hair, gently cleansing without stripping oils or colour.

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