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    Skincare Trend to Watch: Skinimalism

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    Skincare Trend to Watch: Skinimalism

    After endless layering of products, skinimalism is a skincare trend that many may be embracing. This trend is all about getting back to basics. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with a layering routine such as a 10 step K-Beauty regime. With that said, layering does not always work for everyone. In some cases, layering too many products or layering certain ingredients can end up causing irritation and other issues, however. Then there is the fact that having a shelf that’s a little less overloaded can be a relief. 

    Keep reading for more info on the skinimalism skincare trend to see what it’s all about (and how it could help your skin).

    What is the Skinimalism Skincare Trend?

    As the name suggests, skinimalism refers to minimal skincare. It’s also known as slow skincare. In a nutshell, this skincare trend scales back on products to focus on a simpler, shorter routine. Here’s what you need to know.

    Fewer products = less irritation

    From vitamin C in the morning tovitamin A at night,hyaluronic acid, omegas, and every other ingredient, the average skincare routine is high on nutrients. There are cleansers, cleansing waters, toners, moisturisers, serums, masks, and many other products. Some are used daily; others weekly or monthly. The trouble with using so many different products on top of each other is that they can sometimes counteract. This causes irritation and other problems. Too many products can also end up getting confusing, taking up a great deal of time and effort. Focusing on just a few products that offer a greater number of benefits for your skin type avoids these issues. 

    Healthy, naturally glowing skin

    We all want perfect skin. In the search to reduce pores, improve complexion and fix multiple ‘issues’, we forget that healthy skin also means natural skin. Helping your skin find its own balance without adding a large number of products is a good way to get a natural glow. Your skin may end up doing much better with just a few products than it was with six or seven different products. Moving away from the idealised concept of perfect skin is never a bad thing, either. The concept of less is more can be far better for your skin, allowing it to breathe and function as it’s meant to do, without adding too many ingredients to the mix.

    How can you embrace this trend? For starters, focus on creating a solid foundation for your skin. Use products made for your skin type. Stick tocleansing,moisturising and sunscreen at first, and then begin to add one or two additional treatments based on your primary concerns. You could incorporate a serum at night or a weekly mask. Choosing products carefully is also key. Look for products that contain one or two ingredients specially formatted for your skin type. 

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