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    Summer Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

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    Summer hair care tips

    With summer on its way, we’ve got some hair care tips that will help all hair types maintain healthy, shiny hair. Summer in South Africa means lots of outdoor time in the sun. Swimming in pools and the sea can put more stress onto your hair, while UV damage can also cause dryness and damage. It is essential to look after your hair to keep it healthy even on the hottest days. Keep reading for our summer hair care tips.

    Hair Care Tips for Summer

    Here are our top hair care tips for gorgeous summer hair.

    Get a trim at the start of summer.

    It is a good idea to start the summer with a proper trim or a cut. Removing split ends and making sure that your hair is ready for the hot weather will go a long way in minimising damage caused by sun, chlorine and salt. It will give you a good base to start with and make sure that you can easily manage your hair, too. When hair is already dry with frayed ends, it will be harder to protect and the elements will add even more strain.

    Wash out chlorine and salt.

    Always make sure that you wash your hair after swimming, whether you’re at the beach all day or taking a dip in the pool. Chlorine is comprised of high levels of bleach that can very quickly dry out and damage your hair. Salt is also drying and if you are spending a lot of time swimming, your hair will start to feel and look like straw. You can use a gentle leave-in mask before swimming but a good wash after swimming will help as well.

    Reduce styling and heat.

    If possible, try and reduce the amount of styling you do to prevent further dryness and damage. On top of salt, chlorine and sun, regular flat ironing or hair drying can very quickly weaken the hair. Wherever possible, let your hair dry naturally. If you have to usestyling tools, make sure that you use a good heat protection spray and use a serum or treatment after styling to lock in moisture. Regular hair masks are also recommended.

    Retail Box has all the hair care products you need this summer. With the help of these hair care tips, your hair will stay healthy, even on the hottest days.