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    3 Ways to Style a Lob Haircut

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    How to Style a Lob Haircut

    The lob haircut aka the long bob has been a popular choice for a while now and shows no sign of losing its style. This style is surprisingly versatile. The length usually comes down between shin and collar bones. It’s somewhere between a bob and shoulder-length and it can be styled in many different ways. Another big benefit of this style is that it is very easy to wear, with minimal fuss needed to keep it looking great. The lob haircut is also a good style if you’re growing out ashort hairstyle and want to get the right shape. 

    Styling a Lob Haircut

    How do you style a lob haircut to get the latest looks from this style? Let’s take a look.

    1. Side or full fringe

    Fringes are often seen in lobs. They can be full fringes or more subtle layered side fringes. As most lobs have layers and many have a shaggy cut, fringes can help to add definition and enhance the low-key casual glamour of this style. If you’re not too keen on going for a full fringe, longer side fringes can help frame your face and add layers in a more subtle way. If you’ve recently had a cut or you’re considering a lob, ask your hairdresser for input on the best type of fringe for your hair type and face shape. You can also usewax and other styling products to add texture and keep fringe shaped.

    2. Loose waves

    Loose waves are often seen with this type of cut. You could go for natural and curly, too. Slight waves add definition to the lob as well as volume. Whether yours is a layered or straight cut or you have naturally curly hair or not, you can use yourghd or curling tongs to create gentle, soft waves. Rather than going from the root, start a bit further down the hair so that you don’t add too much volume. Finish with a mousse or spray to keep the wave in place throughout the day.

    3. Sleek and straight

    You can also go for a sleek, silky, straight look with your lob. Using aflat iron, flatten from the root down, going with the natural shape of the cut. This look can be especially good for evening, adding loads of sophistication. As many lobs skim the collarbones or stop just above, the straight lob can accentuate your jaw and face shape, and elongate your neck. Add the right makeup, and you’ll have a look that is flawless and glossy. 

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