Best Products for Summer-Ready Feet

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    Summer Feet

    With summer around the corner, your feet deserve footcare products that smooth, nurture and protect. Sandal and barefoot weather mean feet that are free of cracked heals and other issues that make you want to stay clear of anything with an open toe. From foot files all the way to foot cream, we’ve put together a list of products that will keep your feet in perfect shape. 

    Footcare Products to Get You Ready for Summer

    Step into summer with the help of footcare products that will have you feeling like you’ve had the bestspa-worthy pedicure. Here are a few essentials for happy feet. 

    Foot file

    While pumice stones are also great for keeping heels smooth, foot files can be even more useful. Adouble-sided file that has a smoother and rougher side is the best way to remove dead skin cells gently and effectively. This gives you more chance of smoothing your heels so that they are baby soft. For best results, do a foot soak before you file your feet or use it in the bath or shower after your feet have had time to soften. 

    Callous remover

    If you have stubborn callouses that are not going away with filing, acallous remover smoothing balm can help to gently moisturise and soften the tough skin on your soles and heels. Try using this product after filing for best results and let it absorb into the skin. Look for balms that are high in hydrating oils and ingredients that specifically target extremely dry skin. 

    Foot cream

    After you have filed your feet and used a balm to smooth callouses, the next step is a goodfoot cream. These can be used on their own after a long day or any other time your feet feel hot, irritated or sensitive. For even better results, apply foot cream as your final step in your summer foot treatment routine and then put on some socks to seal in the moisture.

    Nail polish

    When your feet are feeling baby soft, you can finish up with nail polish. There are many, many colours out there that are perfect for summer. Try something pretty and pastel, keep it classic with a sophisticated red. Add some shimmer with metallic shades. Do a modern French pedicure or try an ombre look. 

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