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    Best Products for Blond & Highlighted Hair

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    Blonde HAIR

    Keeping blond and highlighted hair from going brassy can be a challenge for many. If you have recently gone lighter or you are looking for ways to maintain your natural light blond hair, choosing products that keep blond shades cool is essential. TheKérastase Blond Absolut range is made specifically for blond and highlighted hair, using active ingredients and ultra-violet colouring to balance yellow tones and increase natural shine. Keep reading to find which products in this range are a must for perfectly blond locks.

    Top Kérastase Products for Blond & Highlighted Hair

    Our top picks in the Kérastase Blond Absolu range for blond and highlighted hair include:


    Kérastase Blond Absolut Bain Lumiere is a shampoo that leaves hair feeling light and hydrated, increasing shine and neutralising yellow tones. Rich in neutralising agents, this violet shampoo will help to balance yellow highlights. It works well for cool blond hair and grey hair as well.


    For nourishing conditioning,Kérastase Blond Absolut Cicaflash Conditioner is a must-have. This deeply hydrating conditioner restores treated hair, preventing breakage, protecting the hair, and softening the hair without excess weight. 


    Giving your hair even more nourishment from within,Kérastase Blond Absolut Masque Ultra-Violet balances warmer undertones, increasing brightness, removing brassy tones and restoring the hair’s fibre for a smoother finish.


    Ideal for protecting your hair during styling,Kérastase Blond Absolut Cicaplasme Hair Primer targets damaged hair fibre, smoothing the hair. This primer has antioxidants and other powerful ingredients. It protects your hair from damage and has a heat threshold of 230 degrees Celsius. 

    Ready to go lighter and brighter? Retail Box has all the Kérastase Blond Absolu products needed for beautifully blond highlighted hair.