Black Friday Deals 2023: Elevate Your Hair Color -


    Why Black Friday is the Best Time to Change Up Your Hair Colour

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    If you’re thinking of a colour change for summer, Retail Box is here with our 2023 Black Friday hair product deals. As the world’s biggest sales event approaches, we’re getting ready to bring you the best prices on a range of products from leading brands, includingRedken,Milkshake and many others. With summer in the air, now is also a good time for a colour change. Whether you’re thinking of going lighter, adding in some highlights or warming things up with the latest brunette trends now is the season for getting deals on products made specifically for colour-treated hair. 

    At Retail Box, you can expect plenty of Black Friday discounts on hair products, helping you change up your colour and keep it looking good, without having to resort to cheap store-bought products. Keep reading to find out how you can save on salon-quality products this month.

    Black Friday Haircare Deals for Colour-Treated Hair

    Here are just a few things you can look forward to as theRetail Box Black Friday sale kicks off this November…

    Blonde Hair Must-Haves

    Summer is the ultimate time to go blonde. To avoid brassy tones and keep blonde shades looking good, having the right products is essential. At Retail Box, we’ll be bringing you great deals on a variety of products made for blonde hair, including the following:
    • Milkshake Icy Blonde. This product is perfect for keeping blonde hair cool and vibrant, neutralising unwanted yellow tones.
    • Milkshake Silver Shine. Ideal for enhancing silver and light blonde tones, this range gives your hair a bright, refreshed look.
    • Redken Color Extend Blondage. A must-have for blondes, this range helps maintain your blonde shade, keeping it bright and free from brassiness.

    Brunette Hair Essentials

    Who says brunettes can’t also have fun? With a wide range of brunette colour trends doing the rounds this summer, keeping your brown tones free of unwanted reds or brassy tones is essential. Whether you’re going a few shades darker or making a more drastic change, look out for these products when the sale kicks off at Retail Box:

    • Redken Color Extend Brownlights. Specially formulated for brunettes, this range helps maintain the depth and richness of brown hair.
    • Milkshake Cool Brunette. This range is perfect for keeping brunette hair vibrant and preventing unwanted red or orange tones.

    Colour Maintaining Treatments

    Whether you’re going blonde, brunette, pink, purple, red or any other colour, maintaining your hair colour is crucial. Colour-maintaining treatments ensure your colour stays vibrant and lasts longer. Some must-haves include the following:

    • Milkshake Colour Maintainer. This versatile product works for all hair colours, helping to keep your colour vibrant and your hair healthy.
    • Redken Colour Extend. Ideal for all colour-treated hair, this range helps extend the lifespan of your hair colour, keeping it looking fresh and vibrant.

    Colour Protection & Care

    When you’re on a budget, it’s tempting to go for cheap store-bought products after colouring your hair. Despite their big claims, most of these products are not designed to provide salon-level care. Worse still, you may be tempted to reach for the box colour if you’re longing for a change but don’t want to fork out for a proper colour at a salon. During the Retail Box haircare sale, you’ll find a range of premium products made to keep your hair looking good and feeling even better, without spending a fortune. Some of the top picks for healthier, stronger colour-treated hair include the following:

    • Redken Acidic Bonding Leave-In Treatment. This treatment helps repair and strengthen hair damaged by cheap products, restoring its natural health and shine.
    • Milkshake Incredible Milk. This multi-benefit product not only repairs damage but also provides numerous other benefits to keep your hair in top condition.
    Whether you're a blonde brunette, or simply looking to maintain your hair colour, theRetail Box Black Friday haircare sale offers the best in haircare for colour-treated hair.