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    Can You Restore Severely Damaged Hair?

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    Can You Restore Severely Damaged Hair?

    Wondering if it is possible to restoredamaged hair? The short answer is yes - you can restore hair that has been badly damaged. Whether or not your hair will get back to its healthy former condition depends on a few factors. The biggest factors in restoring damaged hair include the products you use, the treatments you use and the way you style your hair when it is prone to breakage and damage. 

    Restoring Severely Damaged Hair

    You can restore extremely damaged hair by doing the following:

    Choose the right shampoo and conditioner.

    There is a difference between damaged and dry hair. Dry hair is usually a hair type rather than a hair condition. Many people have hair that is naturally dry by nature. When hair is damaged, it is usually due to heat damage, excessive styling, chemical damage or environmental factors. Always choose products made specifically for hair that has been damaged, as these contain ingredients that treat the damage.

    Use nourishing hair treatments regularly.

    Regularhair treatments are essential. Now, more than ever, your hair needs as much nourishment as it can get. If your hair is breaking and falling out, it needs essential nutrients that will replenish its natural moisture and strengthen the hair follicles. You should use hair masks, serums and leave-in treatments at least once a week. 

    Avoid all heat styling for a while.

    When your hair has been damaged, whether by heat, chemicals or other causes, the last thing you want to do is put it under more stress. Using straighteners, curling tongs and hairdryers on stressed hair can make things much worse. Instead, look for styling aids that allow you to style without heat as your hair heals. 

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