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    Dealing With Bad Hair Days

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    Dealing with bad hair days


    Bad hair days are something that we all suffer from at some point or another. You may not have had a chance to wash in a day or two. You may have gone to bed with wet hair, waking up to a frizzing mess. You may have run of out time to get yourflat iron heated up to tame your hair before work. Whatever the case, there are a few ways that you can deal with bad hair days, even when you feel like pulling a hat over your hair and hope no one will notice.

    Coping With Bad Hair Days

    If you’re battling to deal with bad hair days, try one or more of these tips that will transform your back to its natural beauty quickly and easy.

    Try dry shampoo

    Dry shampoo is a relatively new alternative to regular washing. It is not meant to be used in replacement to your regular shampoo. Instead, it is meant for days between washes when you don’t have time to hit the shower. If your hair is feeling greasy or dull, dry shampoo can remove excess sebum and refresh your hair. 

    Wear it up

    Up styles hide a huge range of hair problems. You can do these along with dry shampoo or you can play around with styles that tame your hair into submission. Messy French braids and top knots are especially useful as they are not about flawless perfection. You could also try a half pony or braid, brushing out the loose bottom hair to add more volume.

    Smooth away frizz

    If your hair is on the dry side and you have woken up to a mass of curls or frizz, you can try astyling product that tames the frizz and defines your curls. This can even help you turn your day into a good hair day - especially if you usually straighten your hair or wear it up. Letting it go wild (without the frizz) can give you a whole new look. You could also use treatments to tame curls, and then experiment with up-dos, such as messy fishtail braids and messy braided crowns. 

    If you have a bit of time, you can also do a quick wave with your flat iron or use your hairdryer to add more volume if your hair is fine. Whichever tips you use, Retail Box has all the products and tools you need in-store. Shop ourhair product range and banish bad hair days for good.