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    3 Easy Summer Hair Styles

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    3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

    Stay cool with these easy, pretty summer hair styles that are ideal for all hair lengths. Whether you’ve got long hair that gets far too hot to wear loose on hot days or you’re aiming to mix things up with your shorter hair, there are a few classic styles that can be adapted for no-fuss summer hair styles. 

    Quick & Easy Summer Hair Styles

    Here are some of our favourite summer hair styles that can be done easily at home.

    1/ Braids

    Braids are easily one of the most versatile styles - whatever your hair length. The great thing about braids is that there are many different types of braids. If you prefer things simple, do a classic single braid to keep your hair back. If you’re looking for something elegant, try a fishtail braid or a French braid. You can also try double braids, side braids or half braids. Even short hair can be braided with the help of styling aids such ashair wax and a few pins or clips to keep the ends in place. For lobs, you can get a braided effect by pulling hair through individual ponies and using clear hairbands to secure each section. 

    2/ Buns

    Buns are the definition of easy. These are great for long hair, getting your hair up and out of your face with a few quick twists. They also work for lobs and other medium length styles. There are many different types of buns. Try a quick top knot if you’re on the go. Do a more classic French bun for something chic. You can also do a messy bun that takes very little effort. Keeping your bun in place is easy with abit of hairspray. You can also curl sections before pulling your hair into a bun for added effect.

    3/ Crowns

    Finally, we have crowns. This type of style can be done with braids or with twists, sectioning, pins, and clips. Crowns are pretty, feminine and perfect for summer. Although they take a bit more effort than buns and braids, the time is well spent. The aim is to make a crown around your head, using single or double layer sections that twist or braid as you go. The back can be fashioned into a bun, with everything pinned into place. Free a few locks of hair and loosen sections to make the crown messy and finish with hairspray to keep the crown in place.

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