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    Why Use a Natural Bristle Brush?

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    What makes anatural bristle brush better than a regular brush? Brushes may seem much the same in many ways. After all, the main point of any brush is to brush your hair, right? There are a few different types of brushes, however, and each one has its own pros and cons. One of the most effective types of brush is the natural bristle brush. Keep reading to find out why.

    Benefits of Using a Natural Bristle Brush

    Here are a few of the biggest benefits of using a natural bristle brush for your hair.

    Smoother finish

    These brushes glide through your hair easily, giving you smoother, softer hair. Bristles are evenly positioned in sections, with multiple bristles within each section. This structure allows the brush to move through your hair, smoothing frizz as you brush. Natural bristles also help to balance the hair’s oils more effectively, which further increases shine and smoothness as you are evenly distributing natural oils from your scalp to your roots. 

    Less damage

    Along with giving you smoother, shinier, softer hair, this type of brush also reduces hairbreakage and other damage. The bristles easily move through your hair. To be strong and healthy, your hair first needs a healthy scalp. Distributing your sebum from your scalp to your hair is essential to keep your hair healthy. As your scalp’s natural oils are being distributed, your hair is strengthened from within, sealingsplit ends and reducing weakness and damage. 

    Cleaner hair

    By brushing from scalp to tip, you can also clean your hair effectively, too. Bristle brushes remove dead skin and other particles from the scalp and roots. You are essentially clearing the oils that cause grease when built up and moving them into the hair, which leaves your scalp cleaner and your hair more balanced. The brushes collect waste material as well, removing excess dirt quickly and easily. 

    Used alongside high-qualityhair products from Retail Box that are made for your hair type, a good natural bristle brush is something your hair is sure to love.