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    Getting the Most From Your Steam Hair Straightener

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    When it comes to getting perfectly straight, sleek locks, a steam hair straightener is a must-have. These tools work like flat irons, however, they have a specialised design that is gentler on your hair compared to conventional straighteners. With a steam hair straightener, you will find it easy to create straight styles, soft waves and other styles. 

    Using Your Steam Hair Straightener Like a Boss

    While steam hair straighteners are easy to use, there are a few hacks that will help you get the best results when using this tool.

    Start with the right tool

    Without a doubt, the best investment you could make is theL’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 3.0 Steam Hair Straightener. Since its launch, many other steam straighteners have appeared on the market. None have the same level of quality, usability and technology as the SteamPod. Using proper tools will deliver results. Using cheaper tools will end up giving you bad hair days or worse, leaving your hair damaged. 

    Dry your hair properly

    You already know that washing and fully drying your hair before you straighten it is important. But did you know that how you dry your hair is also important? The way you dry your hair depends on your hair type. If you have curly hair, use a hairdryer to make sure your roots are fully dry. Try and straighten out curls a bit - this will make it easier to straighten with your straightener without having to apply too much heat. For straight and medium-wave hair, airdrying will make sure your hair is dry without adding extra heat once you start styling. 

    Don’t forget about aftercare

    The products you use after you have finished stylish will also make a big difference. You need products that keep your style in place but also provide nourishment. The L'Oréal Professionnel SteamPod Concentrated Serum is ideal for post-straightening. It helps to prevent damage and frizz, leaving your hair soft, smooth and shiny.

    You’ll find all the professional-grade products you need in ourL’Oreal collection, from steam hair straighteners to serums and more.