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    The Importance of Skin Barrier Protection

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    When it comes to healthy, strong, smooth skin, skin barrier protection is essential. As your body’s largest organ, your skin is exposed to a huge number of environmental stressors. Sun, wind, cold, pollution and other stressors affect your skin in many ways. Harsh ingredients, smoking, over-cleansing, using cheap products, and not looking after your skin also all have a negative impact. Understanding skin barrier protection is the best way to learn how to give your skin all it needs to withstand stressors properly.

    What is Skin Barrier Protection All About?

    When your skin is exposed to anything that could potentially damage its outer layers, there is a risk of damaging the layer just beneath the surface. The outer layer of your skin is known as the barrier. This is the skin’s first line of defence against any number of stressors, from UV rays to harsh chemicals in skincare products. 

    Without skin barrier protection, you are at risk of premature ageing, dry or damaged skin, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, and many other issues. Your skin loses its ability to produce collagen, making it less elastic. This also means skin that no longer feels smooth or soft. It means skin that is more prone to sagging and rough texture. 

    The good news is that you can stop the damage, by making barrier protection a priority. Some of the ways that you can protect your skin’s barrier include the following:

    • Avoid usingharsh products that dry out the skin or trigger sensitivity
    • Startreading product labels to know what ingredients to avoid
    • Stick to products that are high in nurturing and natural ingredients
    • Use products made specifically for your skin type and primary concerns
    • Make UV protection a priority with daily moisturisers containing SPF
    • Be aware of environmental triggers that weaken the skin’s barrier
    • Stop smoking and other bad habits that weaken the skin’s barrier
    • Choosequality skincare products rather thancheap products
    • Create a morning and bedtime skincare routine to follow daily
    • Use nurturing leave-in treatments such asserums regularly
    • Addcollagen supplements and beauty greens to your diet

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