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    Beautiful Bob Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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    Bob haircuts are back. Or rather, bobs have never fully left but rather, 2023 is bringing a few new variations to suit every hair type. One of the many things to love about bobs is their versatility. There’s a bob style for just about every single hair type, face shape and preference. From the ever-classic lob to French bobs, pixie bobs, blunt blobs, braid bobs, wavy bobs, old-school glam bobs, and many others, we’re sharing a few bob haircuts to change up your style.

    Bob Haircuts to Suit Every Hair Type

    Bob haircuts can give you drastic change without being extreme. Easy to style, these cuts frame your face, accentuating your best features. Here are a few of our favourite bobs for every hair type.

    • Straight hair: Straight hair types have a lot of options to choose from - short pixie bobs, sleek blunt bobs, A-line bobs, asymmetrical bobs, sliced bobs, and fringe bobs. The trick here is to make sure that the cut is extremely even to avoid jagged edges. Keep it sleek with a flat iron and hair spray.

    • Wavy hair: Wavy bobs include layered bobs, wolf cuts, French bobs, fringe bobs, asymmetrical bobs, and lobs. Layers are important to keep bobs in shape without the dreaded triangular effect. Use texturing gels and sprays, mousse and anti-frizz products to add texture while keeping frizz away.

    • Curly hair: Just because you’ve got curls, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bob, too. Like waves, the trick is to use layers. Lobs, pixie bobs, fringe bobs, asymmetrical bobs, curly mullet bobs, and old-school glam bobs all work well. 

    • Fine hair: Go for sleek, even bobs if you have fine straight hair (and make sure you use styling products to keep it in shape). If you have fine curls or waves, soft layers will allow your hair to naturally stay in shape with a bit of help from mousse or spray to hold the style as it dries.

    • Thick hair: French bobs, fringe bobs, blunt bobs, A-line bobs, lobs or even pixie bobs cut in layers to provide a textured look will all work well with thick hair, whether it’s straight, wavy or curly.

    • Coarse hair: Fringe bobs, lobs, pixie bobs, and layered bobs all work with natural hair and coarse hair. You can also go for a braid bob if you want a simple protective style that requires no styling. 

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