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    Hair Trends to Watch - The Wolf Cut

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    Somewhere between a shag and a very slight mullet, the wolf cut is a versatile haircut that works with all hair types. Shaggy styles continue to be a popular choice, for good reason. These cuts are easy to style, with layers that add volume without looking over the top. They are also ideal for a wide range of styles to suit every hair length. The wolf cut is a mid-length style that is especially great for wavy and curly hair. Even those with straight hair can rock this style, however. Here’s what to know about this style.

    Why Try the Wolf Cut Hair Trend?

    Here’s what to love about the wolf hair cut…

    It’s easy to wear

    Like all shaggy styles, this cut is easy to wear. It’s versatile and can be styled however you prefer. It suits all face types, depending on whether you add full bangs, curtain bangs or more subtle layers around the top. You can decide how much of a mullet vibe you want - if you want something more retro, keep the bottom longer for an 80s touch. If you prefer something more modern, go a bit shorter for a more subtle variation.

    It adds volume

    This style is especially great for those with fine hair. It adds plenty of volume and texture without the need to go overboard with product. Shaggy styles, in general, are a good choice for those who want to give the appearance of thicker hair. If you have naturally thick or curly hair, on the other hand, you can also thin out your hair with strategic layers. 

    It’s low-maintenance

    You won’t have to spend too much time with your flat iron or hair dryer to get this style looking flawless. You won’t have to use too much product to get it in shape, either. This style requires little effort. If you have straight, fine hair, use asea salt spray, air-dry, do a bouncy blow-out, and use aflat iron to add subtle waves. If you have curls or waves, use aleave-in conditioner and you’re good to go.

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