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    What is Reverse Washing & Should You Try It?

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    One of the haircare trends we’ve seen doing the rounds is reverse washing. What’s the deal with this method? Is it worth a try or should you rather give it a miss? The short answer is that it can be a game changer… depending on your hair type. If you’re looking to change things up to get more from yourhaircare products, reverse washing may be worth a try.

    All About the Reverse Washing Trend

    Let’s have a look at what reverse washing is all about (and why it may or may not be a good trend to try).

    What is a reverse wash?

    First up, what is a reverse wash, exactly? This method is exactly as it sounds. Instead of following the traditionalshampoo thenconditioner method, you do things the other way around, conditioning before shampooing. Other than the order being reversed, it is pretty much the same, with no extra time wasted. Why would you condition your hair first, you may be wondering? The process of nourishing the first and then cleansing helps to prevent the build-up of product that comes from conditioning fine hair. It also helps the conditioner penetrate into the hair follicle more deeply as there is no layer of conditioner. It makes hair look and feel thicker, without flattening your roots. If you have thinning hair, this method will be especially useful. Your hair will feel cleaner, too, as there is no conditioner residue left on the hair after washing. 

    Who will benefit the most?

    While this method works for many hair types, it’s not the best choice for everyone. If you have hair that is fine,thin, ethnic or AA, this method will work well. If you have tight coils or frizzy hair, it is best to give it a miss. Those with thick hair should also skip this method.  

    As with any haircare routine, the most important thing of all is to use the right products. At Retail Box, we offer a selection of professional-quality hair care products that are suited to all hair types and concerns. With the right products, you will soon see whether reverse washing is a good choice for your hair.