It's time to rethink your hair routine. Visiting the hair salon and using super expensive treatments may feel refreshing but it's not likely to do much of what you may really need.

Instead try switching to formulas that help strengthen, hydrate and give life to your hair and scalp. Try adding these natural home remedies to your daily hair routine for some extra added texture and softness.

Give your hair a break!

An off-duty hair rule that you should always follow is DON’T TOUCH IT!

When you’re not working or trying out some new look, DO NOTHING!

Give your hair a break at least once a week. This means no heat and no styling products. Just like our minds and bodies, our strands need some rest too. Your scalp is like an extension to your face, now and again you need to do a serious detox.

Food for hair

Eating correctly is key to growing healthy hair. There are numerous amounts of foods filled with proteins that produce Keratin such as fish, chicken, soybeans, and nuts. These types of protein filled foods can really help your hair grow strong and healthy. Eating healthier and adding certain foods to your daily diet can boost your hair in ways you wouldn’t even imagine.


For even better results try adding boosters to your diet. If you’re not sure what boosters are, they are hair-healthy supplements like omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids, biotin and Vitamin A, C and E.

You would need to take them at least four to six weeks to see any results.


Brushing is the most important hair treatment you could offer to your scalp and hair. Brushing not only stimulates your scalp but also stimulates hair growth. Always remember to use a gentle brush and get a trim regularly to prevent split ends from proliferating. Without any fried and frayed ends your hair will look longer, healthier and in proportion.

Wash days

Most of us should wash every two days or so for scalp health but if you have scalp issues try washing daily. A real shampoo is the only way to remove dead cells, sweat and oil. 80% of females tend to wash and treat as often as they possibly can even if it means doing it daily. What we don’t seem to realize is that sometimes our hair just needs a break and some time to breath.

Washing daily is not prohibited but it is advisable to give your hair some sort of break from time to time. When allowing time for your hair to breath it starts working on its own to renew and rebuild all its natural oils.


Following a healthy hair routine will only result positively for your end-game. Follow these natural steps along with your products and treatments in-between and you should be good to go!

Keep in mind that your hair won’t grow long and strong if it keeps breaking, so lay off the heat styling, tight top knots, cornrows and ponytails. Switch to repair and reconstructing shampoos to keep your strands hydrated and healthier.

Try these natural remedies. Who knows, you might just be impressed!

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