South Africa welcomes O&M -


    South Africa welcomes O&M

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    Original & Mineral was born in the Heart of Australia and have finally arrived on South African shores.

    Joyce Bryce Smith lives by the philosophy: “Healthy hair begins when its free from stress. Reduce the chemical overload.” Smith had a dream to bridge the gap between healthy, chemical-free products and the world of high-fashion.

    Original & Mineral aims to combine nature and luxury and bring in a line of Australia-born hair colour, care and styling products that are safe and effective to use.

    O&M’s products are specially formulated to replace harsh chemicals with active natural extracts and minerals which includes native Australian ingredients such as Lilly Pilly, Banksia Flower, Tasmanian Kelp, Quandong and Kakadu Plum, as well as a combination of quality essential oils. They believe in challenging the artificial norms of professional haircare by removing harsh chemicals while including natural extracts and active minerals to create formulations that are both effective and gentle.

    O&M is taking the professional hair care industry by storm. Stylists, salons and hair care professionals around the globe are all moving towards these natural and free from harsh chemical products.

    The wait is over. Original and Mineral products have arrived in South Africa and are segmented into three product ranges: Haircare, Styling, and Treatment.

    O&M haircare products


    Maintain the Mane

    A mixture of Oils of Evening Primrose and Macadamia seed combined into a mild moisturising everyday formula that cleanses the hair and scalp. Antioxidants and amino acids in Banksia Flower protects and helps freshly washed hair stay healthy.

    Original Detox

    Using styling products, swimming in chlorine pools and the natural build-up of oils can leave your hair looking dull. Australian River Mint deeply cleanses by removing deposits without stripping your hair from essential oils, while Peppermint Oil leaves a cooling effect.

    Hydrate and Conquer

    Original and Mineral Hydrate and Conquer moisturises and treats dry, damaged or colour treated hair. For a daily dose of hydration, this formula is packed with nutrient-rich Tasmanian Sea Kelp, containing Vitamin A, B, C & E and 13 Amino acids to strengthen hair and stimulate growth.

    Fine intellect

    Original and Mineral fine intellect energises limp and lifeless locks. Gently cleanses and moisturises hair while adding a blend of Jojoba seed oil and Lilly Pilly to build firmness into the hair roots for added fullness and volume.

    Conquer Blonde

    Banish the brass with O&M’s Conquer Blonde. As time goes by natural grey and even the finest blondes tend to turn yellow and dull. Maintain salon colour with this unique formula specially developed to maintain and promote cooler tones keeping your salon colour looking fresh.


     O&M haircare product - Original detox shampoo


    Frizzy Logic

    Fight the frizz with Frizzy Logic’s unique blend of native Australian ingredients which includes cold-pressed certified organic Argon Oil and Macadamia Oil that calms and soothes your hair and protects it from humidity while adding extra shine for a silky, lustrous texture.


    Pump it Up with Atonic. This formula contains Lilly Pilly, a native Australian antioxidant that increases body by thickening hair shafts and Aloe Vera to add shine without weighing hair down. This thickening spritz can be used for heat styling or blow-drying any hair type.

    Style guru

    Style Guru contains a native Australian ingredient Banksia Flower rich in amino acids and antioxidants A, C and E that helps to smooth and soften the hair texture for a myriad of looks. Add a little for texture, or some more with a blow-dry for greater volume.


    Rootalicious forms an invisible barrier around the root for support and lift. Contains a native Australian duo of natural actives that works together to protect hair and add volume. Lilly Pilly works body into the roots while Quandong conditions and protects hair while styling.

    Surf bomb

    This texture spray is like a shot of the sea without the sand to go with it.

    Original and mineral Surf bomb delivers that effortless, sexy beach look without drying out your hair.

    Original Queenie

    This formula has a flexible hold that could survive a hundred brush strokes without complaint – say goodbye to flakes or unwanted stickiness here. Contains ingredients such as Australian native Lilly Pilly which extends hold by reducing unwanted oil and Quandong that adds weightless protection to nourish the hair.

    Know Knott

    Detangle with this perfect duo of Australian natives. Cold-pressed organic Argon and Macadamia oils are combined into one formula to recondition hair leaving it glossy and knot free.

    K- Gravel

    This pliable blend of naturals gives shape and definition. K-Gravel includes a combination of Beeswax and Soya Wax to give hold, fine grade Pumice Stone for added texture and Clay mineral Kaolin for a matte finish.

    Project Sukuroi

    Project Sukuroi delivers a smooth glossy and featherlike softness. Gold oil is the liquid star within this formula that sets a whole new styling standard.


    This lightweight, creamy styling paste with a pliable, workable finish is ideal for all hair types, it’s extra added coconut infusion provides a nourishing, natural shine.

     O&M styling product - Atonic


    Seven Day Miracle

    Seven Day Miracle is an intense moisture masque that is sure to leave all hair types deeply moved with its unique blend of Australian native oils and sweet scent of vanilla Bean. Macadamia Seed Oil and Cold-pressed certified Australian Argan Oil boasts intense moisturising powers to convert coloured and damaged hair to healthy beautiful hair.

    The Power Base

    This intense dual action treatment is specially formulated to restore your mane from within and to lift damaged hair. The Wheat Protein ingredient reconstructs weakened hair to bind broken strands while Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

    O&M treatment product - The power base

    Original and mineral have a wide range of awesome products - Get yours today!

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